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    Sunday, 9 February 2014

    Counter Foto Workshop on "Business Aspects of Photography"

    08 February 2014

    Within the context of the continuing "Saturday Workshops" at Counter Foto, a unique new workshop was conducted on "Business Aspects of Photography". This was the first workshop of such type offered for Bangladeshi photographers. Ahmed Sharif, also known as Ideas_R_Bulletproof and renowned photojournalist and documentary photographer Din M Shibly conducted the workshop.

    The first part of the workshop was conducted by Ahmed Sharif and the following basic topics were discussed along with several participatory exercises and other topics:

    - Cost of Doing Business (CoDB) Calculations in Photography Business
    - Pricing Strategies for Photographers
    - Market Segmentation for Photography Market
    - Unique Selling Proposition (USPs)
    & Value Addition in Photography Business 
    - Other topics

    The second part of the workshop was conducted by Din M Shibly. That part contained sharing of practical experience related to several real life documentary projects. 

    The workshop also had the surprise inclusion of experience-sharing by renowned commercial photographer Paul David Barikder.

    The workshop was organised at the Mirpur Campus of Counter Foto on 08 February 2014. More such workshops are on the cards. This same workshop may also be incorporated within some existing advanced photography courses. 

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