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    Tuesday, 29 May 2012

    Idea Workshop: "Step into the Light"

    13 May 2012
    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Idea Workshop
    "Step into the Light"

    Ideas_R_Bulletproof wishes to announce its first ever workshop on photography! Due to growing interest in artificial lighting among the young photographers of Bangladesh, we had been keeping a close watch on the numerous requests from your end. We made it a priority and finally came up with the idea of the first ever "Idea Workshop". This particular workshop, "Step into the Light" concentrates on the power of one small speedlite in your camera bag that can change your photography forever!

    We kept an eye on recent photography workshops in this sector and decided to concentrate on the most essential parts of it. Cutting short the theoretical part of it, we bolstered practical demonstration. We are not in favour of a lesson that gets lost with time. So, maximum effort would be made to learn things that are 'actually' possible to practice on a day-to-day basis. Complex theories with little chance of implementation under most practical conditions would take a back seat. The concentration of this lighting workshop would be on 'portraiture'.

    The workshop would cover the following generic topics:
    -Understand light
    -Utilise lights available in your camera bag
    -Take your flash off camera
    -Where do I put my light?
    -Control the quality of light
    -Control the spread of light
    -Balance flash with ambient light
    -Add colour to your photos

    The workshop would also require participants to have knowledge on basics of photography. E.g. exposure (aperture/shutter speed/ISO), basic camera controls, etc. It would be highly recommended to watch the video podcasts from Ideas_R_Bulletproof on basics of lighting (links are given below). This would help quicker understanding and also save time to concentrate on more practical demonstrations.
    Speedlite basics: TTL or Manual Flash?
    How speedlites can change your photography
    Four ways to trigger your flash off camera
    Optical triggers for off-camera flashes
    Built-in flash as trigger for off-camera flashes
    Control light with a snoot

    Additional knowledge on lighting is not necessary. But it would be appreciated if participants have their queries (if any) listed out for discussion during the session. It is not mandatory for participants to bring their camera or flash. But it would not be discouraged, as this would help to clear confusion (if any).

    -The first session of this workshop was on 19 May 2012 (Saturday) at 3:30PM BST. Stay tuned for the second session of the same workshop.
    -The venue of the workshop would be Idea House. For more details, call use at +880-1711055524.
    -The time of the workshop should be about 6 (six) hours.
    -The fee for this session would be BDT 3,500/-
    -A maximum of 4 (four) participants would be allowed for the first session. The first four persons booking would be the participants in this session. In case you miss this session, please do inform us; we would be happy to conduct more such sessions.
    - To book participation in the upcoming sessions, please keep an eye on our updates on Twitter or Facebook.
    - For payment instructions, please call: +880-1711055524
    - Fees are non-refundable.
    - A participant can give a replacement participant in case a last minute inconvenience puts him/her out of the session. No additional fees for the replacement participant would be charged.
    -Participants are requested to be on time, keeping respect for others' time.

    1 comment:

    1. That was a wonderful workshop I ever present at. So many handy ideas and introduced with so many key appliance. I strongly recommend this workshop for those photographers, who desire to make out lights and play with different illuminations.